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Car Key

Muğla, 09.07.2024
I lost my Peugeot 3008 car key in Akyaka Uğurhan camping area. I would be very happy if someone sees it and answers.

Waist Bag

Eskişehir, 09.07.2024
I forgot my green waist bag under the front wheel of the F-4 plane at the entrance to the Sivrihisar district of Eskişehir and lost it. When I noticed the situation 3 hours later, I reported it to the police and the police reached the area but could not find it after a search. The person who took my bag please contact me, there are many of my personal belongings in the bag. I will definitely give it back.

Key Chain

Ankara, 07.07.2024
I lost my key with three keys on it, the date I lost it was July 1, 2024. I think I dropped it inside Mamak State Hospital or in the parking lot; however, no key was handed over to security. The key ring was green, but someone may have removed it and thrown it away. Those who find a key in Ankara (or somewhere other than Mamak) on or after this date, please reply to this message.


Adana, 06.07.2024
I lost my jewellery in a black ribboned box in Adana. If anyone finds it, I would be very happy if they could contact me.

Motorcycle Key

İstanbul (Avrupa), 30.06.2024
I lost the keys to my Vespa motorcycle on the 4th Levent - Marmara Forum route on June 27. There were house and motorcycle keys and a plastic key on the keychain.

Car Key

İstanbul (Anadolu), 28.06.2024
I lost my Volvo brand car key in Ümraniye, opposite of Akyaka. If anyone finds it, please contact me.


Antalya, 27.06.2024
On June 18, I was in Antalya Lara-Konyaaltı-Kaş, these three districts. I lost a pair of Dolce brand leopard patterned glasses. The installments were not even finished. I would be happy if anyone could find them.

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