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Erzincan, 23.06.2024
I found a forgotten pair of glasses in a fountain located at the summit close to the Kemaliye district.

Car Key

Samsun, 22.06.2024
Today, on 22.06.2024, we found a Citroen brand car key and a keychain with a house key attached, which were dropped on the 2-3 seats next to the terrace of the place that is a cafe on the beach in Doğupark. I left the key in the cafe there. The employee at the cafe said you can give it to us and we will give it to anyone who asks. If the owner is reading, you can get your key from the cafe there.

Wrist Watch

Kocaeli, 12.06.2024
My brother Mert, who entrusted his watch before the 2024 AYT exam, you can access your watch here.

Passport Photo

İstanbul (Avrupa), 22.01.2024
We found a woman's passport photo in the Bahçelievler-Şirinevler region of Istanbul; But since the photo was old, we couldn't bear to throw it away. If there is a female user or anyone you know who has lost their old passport photo, please contact us.

Wedding Ring

Muğla, 08.01.2024
2-3 years ago, we found a wedding ring with a name written on it in Fethiye Ölüdeniz. It will be given to those who know the written name. He has been waiting for about 3 years. Eventually it will be cashed and donated to a charity.


İstanbul (Anadolu), 08.01.2024
Glasses were found near the Fenerbahçe army house. If the loser provides information regarding the brand, model and color of the glasses, they will be delivered to the owner.


Aksaray, 26.12.2023
I found it in Taşpazar neighborhood of Aksaray on December 19th. It will be given if the owner reaches out and proves that he owns it.

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